Spring is Here

Sun, 26 May by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

The docks are out, the boats are in the water, and the farmer’s markets are open! The sites and sounds of spring are a sight to behold in lake country. From a real estate perspective, spring brings the new listings. It is a time of year where change is in full swing. Many of our sellers are often older and have enjoyed many years with fond memories where it has come time to sell. This year alone, form our 19 sales ends so far this year, 6 of our clients have been over 80, and 2 are over 90. Now the buyers, the excitement of youth and young families coming into lake country also reflect the spring of life.

It is so refreshing to be blessed with a career that lets you watch life unfold. The seniors leaving usually have incredible peace of mind knowing they’ve been blessed with such a life, and the youth happily looking towards their future.

I’m so impressed with our team of specialists that allow this transition to take place stress-free.

I’d like to send out a message of thanks to the beautiful people who have bought and sold through us so far this year and look forward to those to come. For more information on this wonderful life give us a call.

Little Enthusiasm Helps

Thu, 09 May by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

Enthusiasm Is generally misunderstood word – Enthusiasm is simply faith in motion and is what gives people comfort in dealing with you as a salesperson. (Yes Salesperson)  Because pure enthusiasm is faith in one’s self and one’s cause or the belief in ones calling. My current calling is selling lake property and promoting lake country.

My enthusiasm gives my clients comfort and knowingness they are trying their best.

Most people refer to enthusiasm as an animated feeling, but it really is a belief, a concentration of will that can power the believer through difficult times and open up a road to success when others give up. In my business, this is helping a buyer find his unique property or selling a lake property to the right person and hanging that sold sign.

Enthusiasm knows nothing but success. Enthusiasm with a moderate degree of wisdom will carry a person further than any amount of intellect without it. Top realtors are not necessarily people of genius as much as people of strong convictions that have an enduring capacity for hard work impelled with strong determination.

This gives my clients faith that all that can be done is being done. This is how a good business grows. This belief can vibrate through not only a person or a family but through an entire community.

Lake country is my community and one of the keys I use to build my business.

Thank You Lake Country- You Are My People

Thu, 25 Apr by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

Thank You Lake Country and the buyers who are hoping to relocate in our area. You made my first two weeks back from my winter home in California more than exceptional. We have managed to create a lot in this short period. I want to thank the three buyers who have bought from us as well as the now sellers that have trusted with this most special heirloom “their lake property.” This coming week you will see our bulletin boardsget populated with our new listings. We are placing new ads in the Community voice in Lac Ste Anne and Lake Wabamun. Plus you will now find us at our usual position of Number 1 in most google lake searches.

I invite all who have questions either entering our leaving our market to reach, and we will be more than to answer any question you may have.

That’s it for now. See you in lake country!!!!

Welcome to the 2019 Lake Season

Thu, 21 Mar by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

After a successful 2019 campaign in Lake Country I was pleased to see we are holding our own. By comparison the Edmonton Market is much lower in volume and value, but Lake Country is going strong. “Uncertainty” is a word that might be weighing on people’s mind’s with respect to the market.  I’m maybe one of a few Realtors still in the business after the total market collapse in 1983. This collapse was caused by two major issues, interest rates and the National Energy policy that came to be known as the NEP.

Fortunately, today we are only dealing with one of those factors that would contribute to our lack of an energy policy that is creating an atmosphere leading to a lack in investments and job loss. Here again I will use the word “uncertainty”. This uncertainty in the early ’80s cost many people everything, yet a minority of others prospered. We can help you to be in the winning group.

In my 35 years of being involved in the industry, I see one word as well.  The word I see is opportunity. I’ve watched both buyers and sellers profit in the 1983 – 1986 market despite the so-called recession where we saw the number of Realtors drop from a high in 1983 of 3300 to less than 1600 by 1986.

Edmonton Lake Property has designed an opportunity diagnosis of the industry and can advise you where, when and should you buy or sell, and my staff and I would love to share it with you.

While others are gearing down, we are ramping up. We invite you to give us a call for either a free home seller consultation or a buyer’s investment in lake property consultation to see how we can make your real estate experience profitable.

Please give us a call at 780-991-5107. Please look at our first advertisement of 2019 to learn more. We look forward to seeing you soon.  Look for our New Website – 2nd site coming in April www.edmontonlakeproperty.realestate.


Wayne William Heine

Thank You For a Great Year

Mon, 14 Jan by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

Thank you to lake country and especially the wonderful people who bought and sold through us in 2018 allowing me to qualify among the TOP 5% of all Edmonton Realtors in 2018!

Happy New Year

Mon, 31 Dec by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

Before I close out 2018, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to our 120 plus friends/customers who helped make 2018 the 3rd most productive year for us at Edmonton Lake Property.

Not only were we successful we were also able to hold prices in lake country despite the drop in Edmonton area real estate. We even closed out the year with 1 million-plus sale on Rizzie Beach.

Like most years where we add improvement to our system, 2019 will be one of growth in mass marketing and to expose more buyers into our area. Our main push will be a series of seminars in Edmonton letting others know about our wonderful communities.

Enough of the past and the future, happiness lies in the here and now, I wish you all a Happy Safe New Year – Wayne William Heine

Your Lake Property Home

Sun, 01 Apr by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

A lake property is not a static place. It is always changing, it changes with the season, it changes with every new item you bring into the home and every improvement you make. A lake property is truly an investment but not only in financial terms.

I found in selling lake property over the last 7 seasons, owning a lake property improves the way we think of ourselves, it makes the family more functional. Owning a lake house is really a celebration of life. Your lake house can be a place of personal expression by creating an environment that is alive, helping you find the true you.

Sometimes when starting to think about a lake property there are many levels to enter the market. Myself and my staff at Edmonton Lake Property are enriched with knowledge and love for the area and you will find we are all ready to share.

Look for our new information Bulletin Boards on location at the following locations:

  • Seba Beach – Derby General Store
  • Wabamun – Rays Market
  • Fallis – General Store
  • Darwell – Trading Post

I ask you while you are there take a minute to meet and support our local merchants. I wish you a wonderful Easter and a warm spring market.

Wayne William Heine

Now Initiating Operations For 2017

Tue, 28 Feb by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

Last day of February 2017, we are now initiating operations for what we feel will be our best year. We have now serviced Lake Country West of Edmonton for 5 years now and have sold over 300 properties.

In 2017 we have more tools, better marketing and we are adding my youngest daughter to our sales team. You will now have 3 Heine’s serving your lake needs.

I personally will be back in Lake Country around April 5, 2017. We look forward to selling a record number of homes this year as the market has stabilized and by all indicators it is going to be a great year.

We are also happy to have Ted Keller back with us in 2017. We will be looking to hire someone in Lake Country to help with administration. So if you know a student or someone local let us know and they can learn a lot.

In Facebook and our blog you can look forward to a lot of great information in 2017. See you soon.

March Issue Cottage Life

Mon, 29 Feb by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com

Excerpt From March Issue Cottage Life

For many, renting is the obvious path. “We’re seeing a lot
more people buying with rental in mind,” says Wayne William
Heine, a real estate agent with EdmontonLakeProperty.com
who specializes in vacation homes. Lakefront property is
harder to come by in Alberta than elsewhere in Canada, he
says, which is part of the reason why prices have held fairly
steady despite a lagging local economy. “Many buyers today
plan to rent it out now,” says Heine, “and then to use it more
for themselves as the years go on.”

This year we will be implementing a new system called Investor assist, where we provide services for lake property owners who want to invest in their future. This services is only available to our personal clients. For more info call Wayne today.

Understanding Well Systems: Bored Wells vs Drilled Wells

Mon, 28 Sep by wayneh@edmontonlakeproperty.com


If you’re planning to buy a piece of Edmonton real estate that isn’t connected to a municipal water system – or if you want a dedicated water supply for recreational or agricultural purposes – you’ll need to plan for the installation of a well on your property. There are multiple kinds of well systems, and you’ll want to ensure you choose the right kind of system for your property, as choosing the wrong kind of well system could jeopardize the quality of your water. So how can you know if you’re installing the right kind of well? Here’s what you need to know.

Bored Wells: Large-Diameter Wells for Shallow Aquifers

A bored well is a kind of well that is created using a large-diameter bore. Bored wells are typically built in areas where aquifers (naturally forming areas in the soil where water is found) are quite shallow and offer low yields. If your aquifer only produces 1,400 gallons per day, for instance, you’ll want to use a bored well, as a bored well doubles as a storage reservoir to keep the water supply constant during peak demand hours.

Bored wells can typically be built using a buried slab or a concrete collar. Buried slab construction is the most common method. It involves extending the upper well casing to 10 feet below the ground and embedding a tapered hole into the well. This method also involves a 12-inch thick bentonite seal that spans the diameter of the borehole. The upper well casing is then filled with compacted earth, which will cause surface water to drain away from the well.

Drilled Wells: A Smaller Diameter for a Deeper Well

In contrast, a drilled well is a kind of well that works best with deep aquifers. Drilled wells are the ideal option for overburden wells and bedrock aquifers – aquifers where water fills the space between the soil and particulate or aquifers located in gaps between bedrock. Most drilled wells involve a screen filter that allows groundwater to fill the well while keeping particulate out. Drilled wells typically require something called surging before they can be used. During surging, the contractor will operate the well pump for an extended period in order to disturb the water enough to remove sediment. Given the fact that they are easier to grout and the casing joints are more secure, drilled wells are less vulnerable to contaminants than bored wells.

Choosing a well system can be challenging, especially if you’re not someone who is well versed in water and soil processes. But if you’re planning to buy a property that isn’t connected to a municipal water supply, you’ll need to understand the key differences in well types. As a general rule, drilled wells are the preferred option when possible, but bored wells work best in areas with shallow, low-yield aquifers. Buying a home is a complicated enough process when wells aren’t involved. If you’re looking for an Edmonton property with well water, you’ll want an experienced real estate agent on your side. Call me today at 780.991.5107 to find your new Edmonton recreational property and have peace of mind knowing your property’s well is up to code.

Wayne William Heine

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